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We miss you Rick!
We miss you Rick!

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Often times we would call the house or stop by and Josh’s dad would greet us with “Missing me?” These words took on a whole new meaning when we lost him to lung cancer in 2009. Oh how I miss Rick. His smile, his laugh, his selflessness. I miss making memories with my kids that included him. I miss Disney with him. I miss Christmas, birthdays and dinners with him. I miss the email pep talks I’d get when I may need them the most.

It’s only fitting that our Team Rick shirts read “Missin you since 2009.”

Team Rick formed in 2010 to honor Rick on the anniversary of his death. We have returned to Virginia Beach every year since to honor Rick while making a difference for lung cancer patients and their families. This year will be no different…except that this year I am even more excited about where all the money we have raised is going. The money coming from all of the wonderful donors that support people fundraising, like me, does make a difference.  We see new drugs geting approved to treat Lung Cancer.  We see more awareness. That’s right, the money you have donated or will donate to myself or others in Team Rick is doing really good things. We still have so far to go.  

Free to Breathe has a mission to DOUBLE lung cancer survivor rates by 2022. This would be huge for lung cancer since as of now it takes more lives each year than breast, colon and prostate cancer combined. Despite these numbers it remains significantly more underfunded than other cancers. Without research we can’t make improvements to this stat and without funding we can’t do research. Please support me in making a difference in the lives of families and future families impacted by lung cancer.

Losing Josh’s dad was the toughest thing our family has gone through. Honoring him and helping others is the best thing I can do to redirect some of the sadness to something positive. Thank You in advance for your support. I promise it is doing great things.

Together, we can all be Free to Breathe!

Thank You,

About my non-profit:
Free to Breathe is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to doubling lung cancer survival by 2022. We will accomplish this by:

Funding research with the greatest potential to save lives
Helping all patients fully understand their treatment options
Ensuring molecular tumor testing is standard of care

Doubling the number of lung cancer patients on clinical trials

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